Care and Cleaning Instructions for your rugs

  • Mild dish soap, diluted with water:

  • Blot up wet spills immediately with a dry cloth.

  • Vacuum up dirt immediately but leave mud to dry before vacuuming.

  • Dish soap (ideally dye-free) will gently remove stains without damaging rug fibers. Rub in circles with a lint free cloth.

  • Avoid using too much soap, especially on wool. Stain remover (like Zout or Resolve): A stain remover will help with those stubborn stains.

  • Water: Use water for diluting soap, washing, and rinsing.

  • Professionally steam clean if necessary, however steam cleaning may strip any stain prevention treatments applied from the factory, so it's a good idea to purchase an aerosol can of *Scotchguard and apply a coat to a newly cleaned rug.

  • Always avoid vacuuming the binding of a rug. If your binding does come loose, stitch it back in place or hot glue it back.

  • Loose binding is a trip hazard so don't ignore it.

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