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Home Living and Lobby Area Rugs

Redefine Your Space With the 2024 Rug Collection

This year, just as with last year, earthy tones takes center stage as the hottest trending color tones for interior design, and rugs are no exception. Shades like rich terracotta, moss green and sandy nuetrals all play a pivotal part in dominating design landscape. Our Home Life Area Rug Collection features an array of nuetral hues and light, natural tones to bring out the best colors that nature has to offer. Read More

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Vintage Charm and Geometric Boldness

As has been for the past 5 years, the looks from days gone past are still pushing design patterns in area rugs. Modern layouts designs paired with vintage flooring makes for an incredible combination that sure to wow and dazzle guest and friends. Our area rugs serve as a bridge between classic and contemporary, combining the design elements of today with earthy tones for a look thats smooth and transitional. As with most area rugs, shapes are just as much a part as color. Geormetric uniformity and sporatic nuances are both defining charateristics of a home well designed.

Durable Even In The Modern Home

In high traffic homes with children and pets, and office lobby spaces, a durable area rug is crucial for performance. The first step into a home or office is always the one riddled with dirt or rocks from shoes and paws. Our area rugs are made from high-quality material sure to withstand the rigors and daily wear and tear of foot traffic.