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  • Educational Impact

    Our rugs are designed to foster learning and engagement, featuring vibrant colors and educational themes that stimulate young minds and encourage interactive play in the classroom.

  • Quality and Durability

    We prioritize quality and durability in every rug, using top-grade materials that withstand the rigors of classroom use, ensuring a long-lasting, comfortable, and safe learning environment.

  • Design Variety

    At Kids Rug World, we offer a wide selection of designs, from fun and playful to sleek and sophisticated, ensuring there's a perfect rug for every classroom, daycare, or preshool's attentiveness and educational needs.

Brightening Classrooms with Educational Rugs: A Journey of Fun Learning

Daycare and Classroom Educational Rugs

In the early stages of education, creating an interactive and vibrant learning environment is crucial. Educational classroom rugs, ranging from alphabet carpets to race track rugs, play a pivotal role in engaging young minds. Designed for daycares, preschools and elementary schools, come in various themes and designs, each aimed at making learning fun and immersive.

From Classroom Rugs to Kids Carpet...

and everything in between! Childrens educational classroom carpets are perfect as activity and play area rugs, circle time rugs, teaching rugs, seating rugs and more.

spanish alphabet with numbers for classroom carpet

Carpet For Kids

Exploring the Alphabet with the Spanish Alphabet Rug

For introducing children to new languages early, the Alphabet Spanish Rug serves as an excellent tool. Ideal for bilingual classrooms or for a playful introduction to a new language, this rug is a must-have in any preschool carpet collection.

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kids playing on solid color kid carpet

Shop Solid Plush Rugs

Some classrooms just need a little color. Our solid color plush area rugs are durable, fade and stain resistant, cut to a custom size of your choice and come with rounded corners and double stitched tape finding. Kids Rug World has over 15 vibrant and useful colors to make your classroom pop.

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Classroom Rugs

Engaging Young Minds with Kritters Classroom Rug

Featuring an array of cute animals, the Kritters Classroom Rug is a fantastic addition to any classroom rug collection. This children's carpet aids in cognitive development, making it a great choice for any preschool or kindergarten rug collection.

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Watersoaker Impressions Entry Mat

Custom Logo and Watersoakers

Entry Mats

You see them in every commercial building and in every school...entry mats. Out custom logo mats introduce clients to your business while welcoming them, saving your floors from daliy wear and protect from slips and falls on wet floors.

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Educational Rugs

ABCs Made Fun with ABC Place Classroom Seating Rug

The My ABC Place Classroom Seating Rug adds vibrancy and educational value to classroom carpets. Its engaging design makes learning the ABCs enjoyable, proving to be a valuable asset in any educational rug collection.

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