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Please Be Seated

Can we all agree that getting some children to sit still is a monumental task of epic proportions? They tend to run and scatter like dandelions in the wind. Teachers are well aware of the importance of reading and getting kids to listen and pay attention to what they are reading, but most of them need to sit still in order to learn without getting distracted.

One way to help accomplish this is by having an attractive seating rug in the classroom. If each child has their own little square or circle to sit on, it gives them ownership of their own space, while encouraging them to stay seated and listen to what is being taught.

As an added bonus, most of our children's rugs have teaching tools such as the alphabet, numbers, animals, colors, shapes, phonics images and more. Teachers can use the actual rugs themselves to play teaching games.
A teacher I witnessed had one child at a time stand up and tell what letter and color they were sitting on. When they got it right, their little faces just beamed with joy. It was a precious time for the kids in that classroom as most of them were just beginning their learning journey and were excited to be taking those first steps toward knowledge.

Seating rugs are also a great way to give kids a little distance when they're feeling over-stimulated and need to just decompress without having to be separated from their classmates and possibly miss out on lessons.

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